Debating and Public Speaking

Debating is an impressive skill and representing the school in this prestigious competiton is an important learning experience while also a fantastic opportunity to develop leadership skills.

The school currently has teams from Years 7,8,9,10 and 11 competing in the Premier's Debating Challenge.  Team trials are advertised in the daily school notices and squads are formed following meetings with their coaches.


Mr Bohan is our expert on public speaking and has had great success with students he has coached. If you wish to become involved in the school's 'public speaking program' see Mr Bohan in the common 4 staff room.


The annual 'Debating Day' was held recently to refresh students in the art of debating and to prepare them for the upcoming 'Premier's Debating Competition. . A successful day was organised by Ms Freeborn and Ms Taing. The highlight was a series of debates in the afternoon which followed a sumptuous lunch of pizza. Always important to think of sustenance on days like this!


Debating on Open Night

Open Night Debates


Debating Day

Debating Day in action

Debating day Pizza

...and of course- pizza for lunch!